Snow Removal Services

Reliable snow removal service is essential. General Concrete can help you maintain the safety and accessibility of your property with snow and ice removal services that are priced competitively and always delivered by our experienced pros.

Commercial Snow and Ice Removal

Snowy, ice-caked walkways and snow-filled parking lots are a liability for businesses and commercial property owners. In fact, commercial property owners have a duty to protect clients and customers from dangers posed by snow and ice. When parking lots and walkways aren’t properly maintained during the winter season, the result can be slips, falls, mild and serious injuries, damage to vehicles, and damage to property. To avoid lawsuits and penalties, businesses and organizations must protect people from the dangers of inclement weather like snow and ice.

General Concrete provides commercial snow removal services and ice brining for a wide range of commercial and business property owners including:

  • Supermarkets
  • Retail stores / malls
  • Municipal organizations (i.e. libraries, police departments, government offices)
  • Schools
  • Medical centers / clinics
  • Apartment buildings and complexes
  • Office buildings and more

Our snow removal technicians bring all the equipment needed to efficiently provide our snow and ice removal services. We pride ourselves on our outstanding workmanship and excellent customer service.

Residential Snow and Ice Removal

General Concrete serves homeowners throughout the region with our residential snow and ice removal solutions. Don’t risk a slip and fall accident. We clear driveways and walkways of snow and ice using our snow plows, snow blowers, and ice brine methods. Never worry again about clearing your walkways and driveway before or after work. Stay warm and let our trained snow removal techs handle this job for you.

Get a Quote and Line Up Service Now

At our company, we are committed to maintaining fair and affordable pricing for our customers. You can expect fair and upfront pricing when you rely on us for service. In some cases, we can provide a quote over the phone for our one-time or contractual service. In other cases, we may need to visit your property to gauge the scope of the job. We are able to supply a bid and line up your snow removal service long before you need it. Call General Concrete to discuss you snow and ice removal needs and we can provide you with a quote for service.

Our Brine Service for Ice Removal

Rock salt has been a go-to solution for home and business owners for decades, but today, there are more effective solutions for removing ice from driveways, parking lots, walkways, steps, etc…General Concrete favors brine over traditional salting because salt does not activate and go to work until there is some liquid to activate it. When temperatures are freezing, the salt won’t begin to work until some melting occurs. Brine combines water and salt so that customers can expect immediate results. Brine requires less salt and is more effective for maintaining safe, ice-free hardscapes.

General Concrete is committed to providing timely service for all of our customers. Our teams work day and night to ensure that our customers are as little inconvenienced by inclement weather as possible. We always suggest that customers schedule snow removal service before the cold weather sets in to ensure a spot in our snow removal lineup. We also understand that some businesses like medical centers need more frequent snow removal during heavy or long snowfalls. We understand this need and are able to customize our services to suit each client’s particular snow removal needs.

If you have questions about our snow and ice removal services, be sure to call General Concrete right away.

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