Concrete Demolition & Replacement

Since concrete is among the longest-lasting materials available, the continuous cooling and heating cycles observed in the Fraser Valley can wear it down. In addition, the constant contracting and constricting of the concrete may result in unsightly and troublesome cracks and ravelling.

General Concrete specializes in concrete demolition and replacement for homes and business establishments. For example, we can demolish and construct concrete pavements from their foundations or merely fix flaws in your existing concrete.

We will happily provide you with a no-obligation, free quote for your desired concrete demolition or replacement.

Concrete demolition

Concrete structures can deteriorate with time, posing a significant threat to those who work and live nearby. Something no one ever wants to happen. Breaking down concrete buildings and other structures is known as “concrete demolition.”

It happens a lot, whether for foundational reasons or merely to make space for newer projects. But unfortunately, demolition is a dangerous activity that only experts should handle. And when we say experts, you can rely on us, General Concrete, to do the demolition job safely and flawlessly.

As soon as concrete shows wear and tear, you’ll need to replace it—extensive and significant cracks more than two inches deep or submerged in some locations need urgent attention. Our crew is very skilled at demolishing and replacing concrete. We can assure you that no other objects will be affected while doing the concrete demolition.

The following are the most common structures where you will need concrete demolition:

  • Buildings
  • Houses
  • Concrete pavements
  • Concrete walls
  • Parking garages
  • Sidewalks, curbs, and a lot more

Concrete replacement

With regular care and upkeep, concrete construction can last for many years. However, demolition and replacement are the best options to avoid future damage and accidents if you see these indicators.

  • Is your driveway cracked, heaving, or sunken to the point where it’s dangerous to drive on?
  • Is your garage floor so low that water can enter from your pool area, posing a severe slipping hazard during the winter?
  • Is your pathway looking worse because the city renovated the curb and sidewalk in front of your house?

Are you experiencing the signs mentioned above and would like to increase your home’s curb value and appeal fast and efficiently?

Don’t hesitate to call General Concrete today and have your place evaluated by our team.

In a variety of situations, we install or replace flat concrete.

We accomplish everything efficiently and at a reasonable and fair cost to the average homeowner.

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For 45 years of industry service, General Concrete has been a reliable concrete construction partner. As a result, we can guarantee you that we can complete any concrete demolition and replacement project quickly, safely, and affordably.

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