Retaining Walls

Slope stabilization, water drainage, and erosion prevention can all benefit from installing a retaining wall. Such walls, typically constructed from natural stone, demarcate and emphasize specific parts of your landscape. If you are looking forward to the future of having a long-lasting retaining wall that even your grandchildren can see, choose a professional service to build it.

Are you looking for services with years of expertise in retaining walls? You can trust that your house or business is on the right track because our team has over 45 years of experience in the industry. We know the numerous practical needs met by a well-built retaining wall.

Our team also values not just durability but also aesthetic value. For example, altering the gradient of your lawn by erecting a well-placed wall allows you to make the most of your available space. The aesthetic value that a retaining wall provides is just as vital as its strength and practicality.

Plain, grey concrete blocks are long over. Holding down soil was its primary function; however, they weren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing option. Now, you can choose any color or any design to your liking.

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Customized Color and Finish

When selecting what kind of wall to build, you must consider the many options available. If you want long-lasting strength and security, nothing beats concrete. Using a wide range of hues, we can make concrete resemble any natural material, including stone and wood.

You are not constrained to a straight line; instead, you may use curves and various finishes to suit your landscape design better. We’ll handle the installation for you, whether a home or a business. We have experience with a wide range of materials, such as Natural stone, Manufactured stone, Concrete blocks, Railroad ties, and Landscaping ties.

These retaining walls come in various styles and colors you find the ideal complement to your garden or yard. For example, when you hire us to build a retaining wall, we’ll advise you on where to put it and how to combine it with a draining wall to use your area better and increase the effectiveness of both components.

Retaining wall design consideration

When the angle of repose of the soil exceeds, the land will fall back to its more natural shape if not propped up. A retaining wall’s primary quality is its capacity to support the weight of the substance being kept, typically dirt.

However, there is a tendency for the retained material to slide down a slope since it is part of its naturality. Surely, it must be part of the considerations during the design and construction of retaining walls. Thus, an expert is needed to build a solid and durable wall.

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