Foundation Construction/Installation

A good foundation keeps your house from toppling down during floods and earthquakes. Making sure your base is appropriately set will allow it to bear the weight of your structure and support it.

Constructing a sturdy foundation entails a lot of work, attention to detail, and precision because you want your structure to last. In addition, knowing the type of ground you are working with is crucial. So before pouring in concrete, ensure your soil is tested for compactness.

The structural integrity of your building lies on the ground that is properly compacted. Then, once you get the green light, you can go ahead and dig trenches for footings and set batter boards to level the building.

Digging trenches and placing footings is just the beginning

Proper pouring of concrete plays a huge role in the success of your structure’s stability. If concrete is not correctly set, sloping layer lines may appear, and water may leak through your floors and walls. But you don’t need to worry about that when hiring reliable and experienced professionals.

Not only will you be sure that the footings, columns, and walls are straight and in the right place, but you can also prevent water from leaking into your home or office. If concrete is poorly graded or set, it can crack easily and create holes that cause water to leak.

We do not question your DIY skills or doubt your capabilities. But if you want efficient and quality work, hire a professional to avoid problems in the future. Whether you are planning to build a new foundation or replace, we have a concrete solution for you! Save yourself from the hassle of finding other contractors.

General Concrete Ltd. can do all the work for you. We offer the best quality service in the area with reasonable quotes.

Building foundations and other concrete structures should last to make your every hard-earned cent count. General Concrete Ltd. constructs and installs foundations for whatever structure you might need. From building the primary foundation to adding extensions to an existing building, you can be sure that our service is done precisely with your safety in mind.

What you need to know when planning for a new concrete project:

  • Know your site’s specifics. Let us know of any prevailing issues on your property, such as drainage problems, tree roots getting in the way, gas and water lines, and even sprinklers that might be in the way. Informing us of these details can help us avoid any problems along the way.
  • Find out local building codes in your area. Like any other building project, you need paperwork. However, knowing your area’s by-laws and building codes can prepare us to plan and begin our work while abiding by them.

Got other concrete issues? We can handle that. General Concrete Ltd. has a definite solution! We offer the following services:

  • Excavation
  • Concrete design and redesign
  • Concrete demolition and replacement
  • Driveway installation
  • Concrete services and more.

Our years of experience in construction have equipped us with better knowledge of building efficiently and safely. Get a free estimate today!

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