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The words sustainability and concrete are generally considered incompatible. Nevertheless, concrete has impacted most of our architectural design since the Roman era. It is the most commonly produced material used in almost every construction.

Thanks to its excellent resistance, adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and availability, among other attributes.

The widespread use of concrete in houses, buildings, and infrastructure provides the foundations for cities, binds communities, and will serve a critical role in addressing future challenges—particularly as cities adapt to a growing population.

Our team of skilled workers at General Concrete will provide you with sustainable concrete construction for all your needs, most commonly in the following areas.

Forming walls

Concrete forming walls, which is typically composed of metal or engineered wood with metal frames, are reusable and allow manufacturers and builders to create many sections at a time.

It can withstand any given temperature and does not crack when the temperature fluctuates. Unlike brick walls, concrete forming walls require less maintenance. It still offers the same natural-looking walls but is more affordable than stone and brick.

General Concrete offers concrete forming walls that are sure to win your taste, budget, and wall requirements. Our highly skilled team knows how to work with this material, and we can ensure that what you imagine for your wall will ideally come to reality with us.

Retaining walls

Want a retaining wall that will last for years without slipping or compromising? Contact General Concrete today if you like a retaining wall that is aesthetically beautiful and constructed to last.

A retaining wall is an essential element of any home landscaping project, whether you’re planning improvements to your property or have a runoff problem. It is the best solution to prevent soil erosion or to level any outdoor area.

At General Concrete, we have the knowledge and skills to build retaining walls with various materials in different sizes and shapes. Our expertise has served clients in constructing retaining walls and landscaping throughout the lower and upper Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland for 45 years.


Patios perfectly constructed with concrete are tempting for homeowners seeking an outdoor area with the best architectural adaptability thanks to more creative innovations. Our concrete patios will allow homeowners to integrate their indoor and outdoor living spaces effortlessly.

They’re the ideal creative flooring for patio dining and living spaces, and they go well with other outdoor features like comfy lounging zones, fireplaces, and pools. Furthermore, this form of outdoor flooring provides limitless design possibilities.

General Concrete will help you achieve your desired patio flooring design that we guarantee will add value to your home with just one call away.

We also offer other concrete services that you may want to have done in your home or business, whether repair or renovate the existing one. So, again, we are just one call away.

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We provide top-quality concrete services, including forming walls, retaining walls, patios, and more. We are excited to discuss the endless possibilities of concrete construction for your residential and commercial spaces.

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