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General Concrete Services

General Concrete LTD. is a full-service concrete and construction contractor specializing in anything and everything concrete – from design, to labour, to final, polished finish!

Whether you want existing concrete demolished and replaced, or a brand-new concrete addition to your home or business, we will work with you to ensure the project fits both your budget and your vision.

Best of all, we provide all services required throughout your entire project so that you don’t have to call multiple contractors. We offer assistance every step of the way – from design, to demo, grading, forming, strengthening (rebar), placing, finishing and strip forms – to ensure a job that is seamless, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Our services include, but are not limited to:
~ Concrete Construction (forming walls, retaining walls, patios and more)
~ Concrete Demolition & Replacement
~ Concrete Driveway Installation
~ Concrete Services
~ Concrete Design & Redesign
~ Decorative Concrete
~ Stamped Concrete
~ Excavation
~ Land Prep
~ Foundation Construction

Concrete Construction

We specialize in replacing old driveways, patios, floating staircases, retaining walls, small foundations, forming walls, sidewalks, garage and shop floors… the list goes on! Basically, if it requires concrete in any way, shape or form, General Concrete has you covered!

From design, to construction, to finish, we can help with a concrete solution to your particular project. The final touch? We are skilled in all types of finishes – stamp concrete, broom finish, smooth floors – no matter what you want, we bring your vision to life.

We also have experience in strata multi-unit patio installations or demolition, grading, forming, rebar, placing and finishing.

Our services in this area include, but are not limited to:
~ Excavation
~ Land prep
~ Foundation construction – hole digging, soil removal, foundation forming, placing walls, stripping walls

Concrete Demolition/Replacement

We make breaking concrete – and then putting it back in – quick and painless! For example, a 500-700 sq ft driveway can be broken and redone in as little as 2-3 days, depending on complexity of the design, the season, and ‘natural’ factors such as the particular type of ground we find beneath the surface.

Concrete Driveway Installation

We offer both brand new driveway installations as well as replacement driveway installation – from demolition, to grading, forming, rebar, and placing, and finishing concrete.

Old, cracked driveways are part and parcel of home ownership. No longer! Not only do old driveways pose a potential safety risk, a broken-down driveway can bring down the value and curb appeal of your home. From demolition to final finish, General Concrete can transform your driveway – quickly, efficiently, and with innovative, realistic solutions to any problems that might arise.

No driveway is too big or too small – we have the experience and expertise to get it done. We have installed driveways under 500 sq ft, to some over 5,000 sq ft driveway. What’s more, we can provide a finish that is not only functional, but which adds significant aesthetic appeal to your home. From modern coloured stamped concrete, to simple smooth finish, to broom or exposed finish, we will work with your ideas to create the space that you want. We also have extensive experience in trailer pads, from enlargements, to demolitions, land grading and replacement, as well as strata multi-unit driveway installations or demolition, grading, forming, rebar, placing and finishing.

Concrete Services

~ Broken stairs?
~ Tilting walls?
~ Cracked pathways or sidewalks?
~ Patio problems?
~ Foundation issues?

Let General Concrete fix it!
From installing a massive staircase with a bigger landing and correct step heights, to a replacement garage floor with a trench drain built in to avoid future water issues, our attention to detail ensures that any concrete replacement job we do means you won’t have to deal with the same issue in the future.

Our services in this arena include but are not limited to:
~ Curb replacement, forming and placing
~ Drainage issues on current driveway or patios, with extensive experience in trench drain and catch basin installations
~ Foundations
~ And more.

Concrete Design & Redesign

Transform a non-usable space into a central part of your home or backyard with General Concrete’s help!

From filling in an unused pool to create the backyard of your dreams, to replacing an old tired patio with a space perfect for BBQs and entertaining, to designing and installing a brand-new feature, patio extension or pool deck extension, we can transform your home and all its spaces.

~ Floating staircases
~ Built-in stepped concrete planters
~ Retaining walls that are both decorative and functional
~ Decorative pathways
~ Stamped coloured concrete
~ Broom / Exposed / Smooth / Stamped finishes…

Don’t see your particular problem listed here? Give us a call – there is no job that we cannot come up with an innovative, concrete solution for. We may very well be able to help you.

 * Note: Small spaces don’t scare us either! We have specialized equipment that can access areas as small as 36 inches. For example, we have filled in a full swimming pool and transformed the entire backyard with an access point as small as 4 feet.

Concrete Recycling

Replacing an old concrete driveway, patio, or walkways is easier and less expensive than you’d expect when you call us for our recycled concrete service. General Concrete specializes in hardscape solutions that feature eco-friendly recycled concrete. By reusing this material, you can reduce your environmental footprint and save money on base materials for your hardscape. No job is beyond our scope. We have the crews and equipment needed to safely and efficiently break down your existing concrete, recycle it, and reuse it to complete your home or business improvement project.

Snow Removal

Reliable snow removal service is essential. General Concrete can help you maintain the safety and accessibility of your property with snow and ice removal services that are priced competitively and always delivered by our experienced pros.

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