Concrete Demolition/Replacement

We make breaking concrete and putting it back in, quick and painless.  A 500-700 sq driveway can be broken and redone in as little as 2-3 days, depending on how complex the design, season we do it in, as well as ground under the surface.

We also do all types of finishes that can fit your budget and ideas. General Concrete provides the service throughout the whole project so you don’t have to call multiple contractors. We design, demo, grade, form, strenghten (rebar), place and finish, and strip forms.

Transform you backyard from this BEFORE picture

AFTER pictures of this transformed deck.

We have specialized equipment that can access areas as small as 36 inches. We have filled in a full swimming pool and transformed the whole backyard with an access as little as 4 feet.

Pool BEFORE we filled it in.

Pool demolition

Total backyard transform. Our AFTER picture.